A new philosophy in the transmission of sound


Among our services in the field of acoustics, planning, consulting and practical research based on academic sophistication occupy a prominent place.
Among our engineering activities, key elements are wave theory based acoustic development of rooms, signal processing, outdoor and indoor acoustics, noise reduction, numerical simulations, and sound system development.

In addition to planning and fulfilling expert tasks, we are also actively carrying out research and development activities.

In the course of our expertise in building physics, we actively participate in the design phases of newly built residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, theater halls and cultural institutions, schools, and recording studios, so that room acoustic parameters according to the standard (MSZ 15601, MSZ 2080, ISO 22955, NS 8175 and NS 8178, ISO 23591, DIN 18041) as well as noise and vibration protection target parameters can be realized. During the construction, the acoustic elements of the rooms are professionally installed, and the measured acoustic parameters are documented with control measurements.

We map the less satisfactory acoustic parameters of existing rooms, auditoriums, halls, and rooms, so that we can document them with measurements, and then prepare correction plans, which are emulated with simulation software. We manufacture the acoustic elements and install them in the given room ourselves, then we check and document the changes with instrumental measurements.

We also sell product packages to individuals as well as institutions, with the help of which our panels and diffusers can be placed at the appropriate points in the given room – after an optional consultation.

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